Thursday, December 22, 2011


I suppose it's time for my semi-annual blog post.

ha. I'm so funny. 

Welp. Christmas is almost here and I think I'm done with my shopping...? I hope. Because I'm sick of fighting these crowds of coupon-clipping mommies with their wicked awesome parking spot stealing skillz. yes. 
With a Z.

It's good to be having a break from school. I was two seconds from dropping out. I would have later regretted it. But the satisfaction that would have came from it would have trumped all, I believe.

I've been taking quite a few pictures lately, and that's a good feeling. People think I'm semi-decent I suppose.

My nephews have dubbed me as "number one favorite aunt... but you're tied with our other aunt." haha. Love them.

Friends! You're in town, I know it. I just do. So stop hiding and call me and let's have fun together.

Melissa comes home tomorrow. For good this time, people. For good.

Well. Seeing that I have to be up in 6 hours to take Tracy into surgery, I best be off to sleep. Maybe I'll be a mean daughter and film him while he's incoherent. hahaha. I can only imagine.

Welp... this post was super lame, and I'm most likely delete it come morning.

Peace and blessings.

Friday, October 28, 2011

remember me?

Hi, blog. It's me. Do you remember me? I kind of made you.. and used to post semi-whitty and often serious things on you. But then life came along, and I didn't feel like sharing my words with the world. It's nothing against you personally. It's just that the only things I ever had to say were whiney, and I didn't want everyone thinking I only knew how to complain. 

I just woke up from my nap, and I realized: I kind of miss writing. I know, I know. Call me crazy. But there's much going on, and I kind of want to let my fellow friends back in on my life. So. I guess here's the start back to old habits. Some old habits can be good habits, right? Maddi told me the other day that I needed to start blogging again, so I guess this is partially for her. I've decided that posting videos from youtube and writing one measly sentence can't be considered a real post.

Here's a list of potential future blog posts. This is mainly for me, to remember what's going on in my life:

-Dylan and the boys lived at my house for.. almost 9 months. Can you believe I never mentioned that? And now they're gone. I miss them.
-My dog died. And then came back to life. And I love him more than ever now.
-My reputation as cat woman has exploded.
-I do believe the world feels bad for me, because I have gone on quite a few blind dates.
-And guess what? One of those turned out very well. And he's quite the cutie. Props to Maddison for that one.
-Dixie is back in session. I actually like this semester. yeah, yeah. I know. That's a shocker.
-Speaking of school, I think I'm much much closer to choosing what I want to be when I grow up. Go me!
-Jeff might be home for good by Christmas. YAY!!! Maybe even Thanksgiving. Double yay!!
-In 25 days I will be back in New York in my best friend's arms.

That's all the exciting news I have for now. I've gotta go paint my nails and get ready for my date. Ooh lala. (: Also. I need to get these cramps under control. Not even lortab can tame them today. Hopefully I'm not completely incoherent for tonight. That'll be cute.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Go ahead.
Take a gander at my new favorite website.
You will love it.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank you, Michelle.

For introducing me to this amazing band.
This is my new favorite song. It's a beauty.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

look where we are.

Like everyone else, I have memories of this day ten years ago. I remember not fully understanding it, but still knowing that it was history in the making. The one thing that I did understand was that my brother would be going to war. For a child, that's scary. I was 9 the first time he deployed. He never made it overseas. They brought them back home, and even though I was so young, I was so relieved. 

The second time he was deployed I was 12. I remember I was sitting in my room, looking out my front window when my mom came in and told me. I had the worst feeling in my stomach, and I immediately started crying. He served in Kuwait for 18 months, and the day he returned home was one of the happiest of my life. 

And now he's gone again. He's been gone for just over three months. It's still so scary not knowing what will happen, but now that I'm older I think I have a better idea of it all. I love him so much, and am so grateful for everything he has done for this country. He, as well as so many other service men and women, has put his life on hold to serve our country.

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones ten years ago, and to all of the service families who sacrifice so much for our freedom. It's not easy having a loved one gone, and not knowing if you'll ever see or hear from them again, but it makes you so proud of all they're doing. I'm proud to be an American, and I love this country. 

Thanks, Jeff. I love you so so much! And I can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


You wish you could look as cute as I do when you study.
It takes quite a bit of effort.

In other news, my brain has been storming, and I have a few posts up my sleeve. I feel bad that I don't blog as much any more. Not necessarily because of my followers not having anything to read, because I don't have many people who really care. Although, I do greatly appreciate the few of you who read my blog. I just feel bad, because it's my way of writing things down in my life. Because my journal keeping habits = pft. 

Anywho. School is bueno. I met a cute boy. Yep.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My dear friend,

       I cannot say with certainty that I know who you are, but I can say that I have an idea. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the act of kindness you have given me. As I walked to the mail today, your gift was the last thing I expected to find. 
   I found myself at home crying as I read and re-read your letter, overwhelmed with the love you have shown me. Your Christ like act has given me the strength to continue, and the comfort of knowing everything is going to be alright. As I sit in my room right now writing this, praying that you will see it, my eyes are filled with tears and my heart is full. I know it probably wasn't much for you to do, but for me it meant the world.
   Thank you for your comforting words and testimony you have shared. You have helped to remind me that He is always there for me, and all I need to do is to lean on Him for help. In my darkest time, you brought me a peace I have been searching for, and I cannot thank you enough.
   Although I may never know for sure who you are, I want you to know that I do love you, and wish I could thank you in person for the help, comfort, and strength you have given me. Thank you again, so very much. You are quite an amazing girl.

Love, Al.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is it.

I just found this on pinterest. 
It's what's going to be playing in my head on repeat for the next few months.
I need a reminder that I can do this.
The days when I can't help but cry and feel like I'm going crazy, I'll just tell myself things will get better.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Lately, one of my missionary friends and I have been talking quite a bit about talent in our letters- developing new ones, and progressing with the ones we have. It's been very interesting. I found this quote on pinterest, and I immediately fell in love. It runs through my head all the time.

Isn't is great? 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ride, ride, ride that pony.

Get up and ride that big fat pony.
Ride, ride, ride that pony.
This is how we do it:
front to front to front, my baby.
back to back to back, my baby.
side to side to side, my baby.
This is how we do it...

As fun as it would be, this post is unfortunately not dedicated to past years of girls' camp. Now dry your tears and put on your big girl panties. Maybe one day I'll write about that. But for now, tis not the case.

We all know that the city of STG is extremely good at knowing how to spend their extra change. *coughthreehundredthousanddollarscough* What? No. I'm not bitter. I fully embrace the newly added carousel to the middle of town, as does Maddison. We had been counting down its arrival, and the moment it opened we couldn't wait to get our buns on over there and hop onto the creepy, yet beau-tea-ful ponies. 

The first time we went, we got there an hour after it had closed. We cried and cried. And then we wiped away our angel tears and decided to carry on. We chose which ponies we wanted for the next time we would return. Maddi chose one with a crazy mane that looked more like a mohawk than anything. I chose the jester horse. Good decisions those were, by the way. 

When we finally made our way over a week or two later, Maddi knew the boy operating the fun filled ride, so he gave us the child price. We got two rides for the price of one, which was exciting because we were able to choose two horses. Maddi's: merhorse. Part mermaid, part horse. Mine: roses, lions with wings, and baby cherub wrapped in a blankie on the horsie's bum. Twas great.

Anywho. That was just one of the many dates that Maddison and I have been on. We love each other's company. And we're just too darn funny. I don't understand how more people don't want to hang out with us. 

In further news, that post down there {insert downward arrow} about the one worded letter ended up being a big fat joke. Don't worry. I chewed that little missionarie's butt about how funny it wasn't. 

Also, I got to talk to my brother!! He's in Kuwait. Love that guy.

love: al.

Friday, July 29, 2011

one word.


What do you do when that's the only word written in the letter from a missionary you've been anticipating to hear back from?

You stress and wonder what you've done wrong.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

fact. {plural}

  • It's been almost a month since I last blogged. That is far too long, and it's making me feel unfaithful to myself.
  • Remember this? They're back with vengeance, and I do believe I'm going to die. I'm willing to try anything, so if any of you ladies out there have a suggestion, I'm willing to take it. 
  • Vegas with your mother is a good way to spend a Friday. New clothes are always welcomed with open arms and a thankful closet.
  • Today I discovered I have a real life connection to this lovely blogger that I've always wanted to meet. Who would've thought.
  • Back to bullet number two. Mel... I'm having my lady parts removed. I hope you're still up for being a surrogate. kthanks.
  • Ice cream and a movie with your favorite cousin is always a blast.
  • I miss Jeff.
  • Breckan tells me all the time who I love, and why I'm going to marry him. For the mean time I'll believe he can read into the future, for it truly is what I want. We'll have to wait a few years to see if his prediction comes true.
Hopefully I'll be back soon, with something more than a list. This is all I could warm my fingers up to, so it will have to suffice.

Monday, June 27, 2011


The month of June came faster than what I had anticipated, and I had been dreading its arrival for quite some time. Probably about since December or so. But it came and is going, and it's almost gone. And you know what? I survived. I definitely shed too many tears to count leading up to it, but that's just how I roll. 

First order of business: Jeff
I love this guy, I do. He's my oldest brother. He just got married in March. June 4th was the day we said goodbye to him. He's currently at Camp Atterbury in Indiana. He leaves for Iraq/Afghanistan/We don't really know where in about a month. He's been gone a lot lately because he's been working in SLC. But when he's home I love spending time with him. I miss him so much and I can't wait to have him back here. Supposedly we won't have communication with him for the first three months he'll be over there. That will be hard, but I know he'll be safe. I love how much our family supports him. We all love him so so so much. I appreciate all that he has, is doing, and is going to do for our country. I really couldn't be blessed with better brothers. Jeff is the quiet one, but is always willing to help you with anything. He makes us all smile and we love him. I'm crying right now typing this.. because I just want him back home. I don't think you truly appreciate or realize how much you love somebody until the chance to show them your gratitude may be gone. I know he'll be home before we know it, and when that day arrives, I know I won't stop smiling. That day will be filled with happy tears. He's in our prayers, and I ask you to do the same. 

Second order of business: Scott.
Oh my, how much I miss this boy. Despite our dramatic fall out that should have never happened and lasted much longer than I think either of us had hoped for, all is well. He left June 15th. He's been gone for thirteen days. ..Can you tell that I'm waiting for the day he comes home? I cannot wait. I love this boy so much. He's one of my best friends. On my worst days he knows how to make me smile. He gives the best hugs, and is such a great listener. For how much talking I do, I believe we make a great pair. Given the complicated and dramatic story that I'm not going to delve into, we have fixed things and we're both happy. Our friendship was restored, and that's all we needed. That's what we're focusing on, and I couldn't be happier. 

June came, and June is going. I'm content with how things are, and I know everything is going to be fine. Everything happens for a reason, right? I'm just excited to see where my life ends up. These next few years I'm going to learn a lot about myself. I'll get these two back in my life around the same time. Jeff will be home, and then six months later Scott will be. And holy moly, I cannot wait for those two days. Love those around you. Life is too short to fight over petty things. 

Much love, Al.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you, Emilee Crowder..

..for your undying love of things girly and pretty and oh-so-easy to make. 

I met Emilee through my lovely friend Rachel. Together they have a blog, called WeMake. {You should follow all three of those blogs. They're great.}

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Emilee posted on their craft blog some bows she made, and I immediately fell in love. If you knew Melissa and me in high school, then you know we were constantly making head bands and hair clips and everything in between. I have a plethora of head bands and hair accessories. The last I counted it was at the 60 mark or so.. and it's grown since then. When Emilee posted her how-to on her bows I knew that I had to try it. I kind of took my own spin on what she made, and I must say I'm pretty happy with it. 

The last few months my love for everything lace, girly, and vintage has been growing and growing. I dug through my heaping pile of scraps of material and stumbled across the lace that I inherited from my great grandma Selma when she passed away. Ever since I received it I knew I wanted to do something with it, I just wasn't sure what. I knew that this was the perfect opportunity. 

I took a 15x5 piece of lace and ironed it down and then sewed the two short ends together. {I know, I know. I used blue thread. I didn't feel like rethreading the machine.}
I turned it inside out, and centered the seam so it would be on the back side.
 Next I pinched it to look the way I liked, and then ran two stitches through it with a needle and thread.
 After I got it stitched I cut out another piece of lace, and wrapped it around it, hot gluing in the back.
Cut out a piece of felt, glue on a clip, and that's it! 
Super easy.

I know it's a bit large. But I like big hair accessories. 
 Bow overload? Yeah. Told you I love them.

So, thanks again Emilee. You're the greatest.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Durnkin Donuts.

To start things off, here's a playlist. But not just any playlist. It's what we listened to all weekend. It was on Melski's pod, and I fell in love. <3 It's basically the playlist of both of our love lives. We just need to stick to being each other's bfs, because it seems that the real men who are supposed to hold our hands are too lame to do so. Listen to the whole thing. You'll fall in love. I guarantee it.

Day dos. Surnday.

We had plans of awaking early and making our way into the city. We didn't wake up early, but we did venture to the main land. Once we finally got going we hopped on into the minski and traveled to the Bronx. Yep. When she told me that that was where we were going to get onto the subway at I almost peed my pants. 

After having my pants scared off by a drunk man who didn't have enough money to get on the subway, I felt my subway adventure had officially started. 

Our first stop was China Town where we did some shopping and gandering and fake bartering. I don't really what happened between China Town and Trinity church because I hadn't been taking pictures. When we got out of the subway Melissa scolded me for not having taken any pictures, so I whipped out the cam. She wanted to take a picture of me to show I was in NY. What did we result to? A hotdog stand. 

Anywho. After Trinity Church we hit up a subway (the restaurant) by Battery Park where I conveniently asked for "ticken cheriyake." Yeah. Imma fool. We hung out in Battery Park for a wee bit. Went and gandered at the Statue of Liberty for some time. Bartered with a sketchy sunglass seller. Hit up Time Square {twice}. Grand Central. Empire State Building. Roxy's. Max Brenner's. It was a solid day. That's all I'm gonna say. I'll let my pics do the talking. kbye.

One last thing. Since it was Memorial Day Weekend there were sailors walking around in their white all over time square. It was cool.

 ^We walked for twelve years to get to this Jamba Juice, only to discover it was closed. We cried.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm wishing I could press pause on my tears,
because everything is happening how I'd hoped it wouldn't.
We don't even talk and it breaks my heart.
And now you're leaving, and I'm left wondering.

I came home from your farewell and slept.
I dreamt of us, and we were happy.
When I woke up I realized it may never be that way again.

My heart is heavy and my mind is confused.
I had hoped we would have fixed things before this.
But the closer it gets, the less I believe it will happen.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

baby kitty.

This little miss needs a name.

here's our options:

Now. I know that's quite the list. But that's what it got narrowed down to.. slash grew to. But I would like suggestions/votes. Here's my favorites:

Your help is greatly appreciated. (:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's official.

Mark your calendars. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thanks, Mel.

When life becomes a bit too much for me to handle, I run. Not the strap on my running shoes and hit the gym type of run. More like.. book a flight and escape from St. George and everything that I feel is crashing down on me type of run. The first time it happened was here. Not that I'm complaining. Vacations are much needed. And now that I'm beginning to realize the convenience of having flight benefits from the mama, this might turn into a new habit. I think I'll be alright with it. 

About two weeks ago I had a Skype date with Mel. Before she could even get out a "hello" I believe I started crying and asked if I could come visit. Of course she obliged, confessing that she had missed my humor and good looks. I booked my flights a day or two later. Best decision I've made in a long time. 

I suppose I shall share what we did over the all too fast weekend. I'll probably break it up into two or tres posts, because this one is much too long already.

I took a red eye Friday night and arrived early Saturday morning, where I was greeted by her chunchine face. {Can you believe I flew to New York all by myself? This is the girl who stressed flying out of the STG airport to SLC.. yeah. I know. I surprised myself.} She came giving hugs, baby muffins, and yogurt. Isn't she the greatest? Anyway. We traveled to her home, ate some toast and eggs, and then I went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and she was swimming with Phoebe and her little friend Danielle. They were having a play date. So I shimmied into my bikinki and joined them.

Later that night we ate dinner with her family {...nanny family. Just so you don't get all confused}. And then the two of us went to cheese cake factory and got some lovely dessert. Then we went to this gigantor movie theater and watched a movie about some guys who got lost in Bangkok with a drug dealing monkey and a crazy asian. {10 points for you if you know which one it is.} We laughed our buns off. Then we went home and slept slash cuddled slash scratched each other's backs. If you know us, then you know we're always scratching each other's backs. It had been missed.
Anywho. That's all I'm gonna say for now. Because this is super long and I doubt anybody read this far. Isn't it depressing I only took like.. 5 pictures the first day? Yeah. I know. be continued...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks, Mary.

I know that often times everyone {myself included} will find a song that kind of seems like the story of their life in one way or another. The other day Mary told me to listen to The Story of Us by tSwift. There is not one part of that song that isn't my life at the moment. It kind of halfway scared me. And then made me the saddest I've been about this whole situation because it was everything I've been feeling put into words. So. I know many of my close friends have been wanting the story of what has happened, but I'm much too tired of telling it. So I guess just listen to this song, and you'll get the gist of it. hah (:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thanks, Abbey.

Silence is a girl's loudest cry. 
If she is speechless, her heart is too tired for words.

All I want to do is fix everything that's gone wrong.
But I don't know I'll ever be given the chance.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm starting to feel that we stay together out of fear of dying alone.

Was that title long enough for you? Knew it. hah! This isn't a complaining post. That's just what's playing at the moment, and I had nothing better to title this.

It's 12:09. May fifth. Cinco de Mayo. First day o' summa. Yeah beans. I can't sleep. I took some benadryl at work earlier today, and when I got home I crashed for a good 3.5 hours. So now I'm feeling tired, but not tired enough to sleep. ..that made zero sense.

Anywho. This week is an exciting one. I'm planning on going to the lib/perk with Mar Bear. I think I'll lay out. I need me some tannn skin. Did I mention it's summer? Took my last final today, and it was laaame. And while the last few people were giving their presentations, I watched my professor eat his scabs. So glad to be done with that class. 

I'm also having lunch with somebody who I haven't conversed with for a looongg time. Slightly anxious for that. And then another somebody comes home Friday. Definitely anxious for that one. BAH!

And now I'm having Melissa with drawls. CAP COME HOME!!!!

Click here. Do it. Now.

Now imma go drink some chocolate milk. And take some more benadryl and go to sleep.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

moth balls.

Today, Grandpa Bert busted out another one of his hilarious jokes.

Hey Al?
Yeah, Grandpa?
Have you ever smelled moth balls?
Yeah.. why?
Well how did you ever manage to lift his tiny leg up?

Love that guy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

more than you know.

Maybe you'll never notice.
Because you are fireworks, and I am pale skies.
And you are trumpets and claxons, while I am a single harp string.
And I have shy eyes and quiet hands,
   and where you are the chorus and the thunder of waves,
      I am only a breeze ruffling the grass in the faint and milky dawn.
I love you
more than you know.

From my new obsession.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This boy is hilarious.
He's my 7 year old nephew, and I love him to pieces.
If I'm ever having a horrible day, he knows how to make me smile.

Lately he's had some obsession with pulling his pants up to his armpits. The first time he did it, he told me his name was Steve Urkle. Then a few nights ago, he came up with a pair of Kyle's pajama pants pulled up to his neck. He's the greatest.

He always keeps us laughing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cat Part 2.

Warning: If you fall in love easily, I suggest not reading this.

For this to make sense, you might wanna jump back a few months and read this.
The suspicions of both Schnid and Tracy were proven true. Cat was definitely pregnant. 
She birthed six little fuzzy bundles of joy on March 12th. 

These days she doesn't go by Whore Cat. I've renamed her to Mommy Cat. Once all the babies are given away to loving homes, she'll be back to just Cat. I'm sure the pattern will repeat, so sooner or later we'll be back to Whore Cat.

Anyway. This post wasn't meant to highlight her whoreish ways. I'm here to introduce you to my new best friends. {I'm being 100% serious when I say that.. hahah! I hang out with them at least 2 hours a day.}

Let me tell you, I don't know that I have ever loved anything so much in my life. They are the most adorable little things ever. They're so fun to play with. And I love them mucho.

This was the first day we brought them inside. They tried kitty food for the first time as well. They loved it.

This was their first time trying water.

This little baby is my favorite. She's basically the only one I take pictures of. The rest of the cats have normal kitty fur. But one is a little ball of fluff. And I love her pink nose. 
She hides under my legs

Here she is. In all her glory.

Anywho. If anyone cares to come visit and play before they're all gone, you're more than welcome. Or if you want one for your own, you're also more than welcome. 

I hope you love them as much as I do. (: