Friday, October 28, 2011

remember me?

Hi, blog. It's me. Do you remember me? I kind of made you.. and used to post semi-whitty and often serious things on you. But then life came along, and I didn't feel like sharing my words with the world. It's nothing against you personally. It's just that the only things I ever had to say were whiney, and I didn't want everyone thinking I only knew how to complain. 

I just woke up from my nap, and I realized: I kind of miss writing. I know, I know. Call me crazy. But there's much going on, and I kind of want to let my fellow friends back in on my life. So. I guess here's the start back to old habits. Some old habits can be good habits, right? Maddi told me the other day that I needed to start blogging again, so I guess this is partially for her. I've decided that posting videos from youtube and writing one measly sentence can't be considered a real post.

Here's a list of potential future blog posts. This is mainly for me, to remember what's going on in my life:

-Dylan and the boys lived at my house for.. almost 9 months. Can you believe I never mentioned that? And now they're gone. I miss them.
-My dog died. And then came back to life. And I love him more than ever now.
-My reputation as cat woman has exploded.
-I do believe the world feels bad for me, because I have gone on quite a few blind dates.
-And guess what? One of those turned out very well. And he's quite the cutie. Props to Maddison for that one.
-Dixie is back in session. I actually like this semester. yeah, yeah. I know. That's a shocker.
-Speaking of school, I think I'm much much closer to choosing what I want to be when I grow up. Go me!
-Jeff might be home for good by Christmas. YAY!!! Maybe even Thanksgiving. Double yay!!
-In 25 days I will be back in New York in my best friend's arms.

That's all the exciting news I have for now. I've gotta go paint my nails and get ready for my date. Ooh lala. (: Also. I need to get these cramps under control. Not even lortab can tame them today. Hopefully I'm not completely incoherent for tonight. That'll be cute.