Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brad Dorius.. hilarious.
 Really though, he's great. I had quite the funny texting convo with him tonight. I enjoyed it thoroughly. So I decided I needed to share it with somebody. Hope you enjoy it (:

*Brad  *Me
{We were talking about what they eat in Korea}
What's the main food over there?
I'm not really sure exactly. They eat a lot of fruits and vegetables I heard. And rice. Oh they also eat dog. haha.
Dog?!? That is disgusting.
Haha yeah. Dog soup. I guess they breed dogs for it too. Yum.
Oh gross. Please tell me you're going to avoid that at all costs.
Heck no! Half of my blood stream is filled with vaccines. I'm going to eat everything.
Brad! You can't eat dog!
Why not? We eat cows here. They're pretty similar.
Cows and dogs are not similar.
Sure they are. They both have four legs. And fur..? Do cows have fur?
Hair. Close though. Well. Maybe it's fur..? But dogs are pets!
So are cows. For some people. Haha. Don't you know I have a pet cow?
What? You have a pet cow?
Yup. He plays in my backyard. His name is Jeffry. Sometimes he sneaks in bed with me. It's kinda annoying.
hahahah. Ok. You are ridiculous.
Haha ok yeah, I lied. I don't have a pet cow. I eat cows. And soon I will eat dogs. And maybe even small children.

And now this is what we're talking about right now: {our ukuleles}
I can't get mine tuned! And I'm so frustrated!
Haha I'm sorry. Do you remember how?
I tried. But failed.
The strings are C E G A from lowest to highest. If that helps.
Well I looked in my book. but I'm just terrible with it. ha!
Oh you don't have perfect pitch? That would make it hard.
Ew! Get out of here!
Haha I was just kidding. I don't have perfect pitch. I only wish I did. I'm way jealous of people who have it. It's like a super power.

Yup. I certainly love him. A lot. he's great. I'm excited to write him on his mission. He asked me if he could write me in Korean. I told him a sentence or two. He also told me that Mary freaked out when he asked her if he could write her in Korean. And she threatened him. hahah! Oh. He really just makes my day whenever I talk to him.

So, thank you Brad. For making my day so much better (:

spice it up.

I need some spice in my life. Because it's quite boring at the moment. Actually, let me rephrase that. Extremely boring. *sigh*
I need something to look forward to. And for now, it's definitely not work or school. {I found this fitting.}

And so,
-I've been craving of taking somebody's pictures.
-I'm stoked to be going to Provo this weekend.
Melissa and I are way awesome, so you all better watch out. You should especially fear our rapping skills.
-My room literally looks like a bomb went off.
-Melissa just texted me. She wants a boyfriend. And I do too. ha! Because being each other's boyfriends really just isn't cutting it.
-Mary Dawn.. Did you get my letter?? Also. I'm excited to give you your present. You're going to love it. A lot.
-Maddi and I learned hottie-tottie's name. It's Grant. Cute, huh?
-We've also gotten to be really good at Plants Vs. Zombies and Diner Dash in the book store. Looks like they're going to be seeing a whole lot of us during our free time.
-I reeaaally don't want to go to work. Gross.

I'm missing something. I'm just not so sure what. I know it's a person though. Or maybe the feeling of wanting a person. My brain is just confusing me. So you can just ignore that I said any of that.

ok, bye.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Al and Jasp.

There are some extremely peachy people in my math class. 
Allow me to tell you about some of them.

1: Alice and Jasper. I think it's safe to say that they're two of our favorites. These two are completely in love. It's easy to see. {gag me} anywho. hah! Ok. I wish I had a picture to show all of you. But, Imagine Alice and Jasper from the Twilight series. It's pretty much like that. -except a bit less enticing {or attractive}. They sit up in the front left corner, and cuddle it up all through our math lecture. None of us in our back corner know their names - but one day Katelyn dubbed them Alice and Jasper. It stuck.
2: Armold. Alright. Maddi and I really do like Armold. haha! He's probably our favorite. His name is actually Arn. And he's extremely nice. But his biceps are so ridiculously huge that we had to dub him Armold. It fits him so nicely. Speaking of nice- you should see his body and face. But, we'll save that for another day.
3: The Ditzies. On the front row on the right side of the room sits 4 girls - complete ditz status. Last week one of them stapled her finger. Enough said. They provide much needed entertainment, though.
4: Cowboy. He's a gem. He's married- just imagine your traditional cowboy get up, and then add bleach blond hair. He's even got the accent. ha! He makes me laugh. He comes to class everyday without a notebook. Just sits in the back against the wall, listens, and then leaves.
5: Steve. He's another one of our faves. We have 2 classes with him, and see him all over campus. We actually don't know what his name is, but he looks like Maddi's dad Steve, so we decided to call him that. He's older. But really nice. I quite like him.
6: The Crazies One Row Up: So there's these two girls who sit in front of us. Oh bones. They don't like Maddi and me. Everyday they get to class early, and leave the seats on the sides of them open, hoping that Armold and his Hottie-Tottie friend {I've yet to come up with a name for him} to sit on either side of them. But each day, without fail, the seats next to them get taken by somebody less desirable, and Armold ends up sitting next to us. I can practically feel their eyeballs burning through us, and the rage thats building inside. I'm waiting for the day that they just snap.

Anyway. Thanks for letting me introduce you to some of my math friends. As you can tell, I spend a lot of time people watching, and not so much time doing math.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today we took our traditional Sunday trip to grandma and grandpa's. We played our regular card games and told our regular jokes. Here's the new one from gramps:
grandpa: Hey, Al. Are you good at math?
me: Sometimes.. why?
grandpa: Can you do it in your head?
me: sometimes... why..?
grandpa: Oh good. I've got a joke for you. If I buy a dog for $10.00, then I sell it, then buy it back for $5.00, did I make or lose money?
me: Well, I guess it depends. How much did you sell it for?
grandpa: For pooping on the porch!

hahahah! Yeah, I know. I didn't get it either. He's so funny, though. I just love him. A lot. Anyway! That wasn't the point of this post.

As I was getting ready to leave, he kisses me on the cheek and says "Are you going to get married soon?! I need to dance at your wedding!" hahah! I was all.. UM. Excuse me? He told me that he'd probably be around for about 10 more years, so he'd give me 9 to get married. I was dying. I'm pretty sure that everyone in my family doubts my capability of finding somebody to marry. Tracy told me he'd be surprised if I was married by the time I was 30. Grandpa says he'll give me nine years. That puts me at 27. Not that it's that old. It's just funny. But then I started thinking about it. And then I started worrying about it. Afterward Nic and I went to take some pictures for our photography class, and I told him that little story. He started laughing and said "You're going to be the 40-year-old virgin!" 

It was then that I REALLY started to stress. I mean, I really don't need to be married in a year- I'm not ready for that at all.  And I definitely don't want to be married that soon. But I think about it, and I wonder how in the world I'm going to find someone that I can love for the rest of forever. And to get to the point of loving someone forever, I have to meet somebody. And start dating them. Given the snails pace that I'm going at, it's going to be a long time before I even make any new friends. And the other one that really freaks me out, is that I can date people that are like 25 years old! That's so stinking weird! Most of the guys that I've talked to at school are return missionaries- most likely looking to date someone, and get married in a year or two. My brain still sees my brothers at that age. Even though they're 29/30, I see these boys that are 23-25, and all I can see is my brothers. And my brain goes: "You can't talk to them! They're the same age as Jeff and Dylan and all of their friends! You're just the little sister. You can't talk to them or be friends with them, let alone date them. What are you thinking?!" I just really don't know how I'm ever going to meet anybody. Or be friends with anybody. Or date anybody. I can't see myself dating anyone else. I  guess I just have a hard time accepting change- and that's one of them. I get used to something being a certain way, and then when it's taken from me, I have a hard time letting go.

*sigh* Am I the only one feeling this way? Please. Tell me that somebody else knows what I'm feeling. Maybe I'll just be the crazy cat lady. Anyone want to join?

Friday, September 24, 2010

check it out.

Alright. We finally got some pictures up on our new blog. So you should go check it out. We're still working on getting a paypal account so orders can be placed on our blog, and then we can ship them out! 

One more thing. Tomorrow {saturday} we'll be selling our headbands and clips in front of Uncle's and Aunties in Santa Clara. That's next door to Frei's Fruit market. So come find us! And spread the word (:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm going to start this out by apologizing for two things. One: I'm sorry I've posted about 5 billion times in the past week. Secondly, I know that I've been posting a lot of lyrics as of late. It's not my most favorite thing to resort to- it tends to make me feel unoriginal, like I can't come up with my own things to say. I also feel sappy. ha! But sometimes I find songs that I feel were written for my own life. Or what I'm feeling. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I got in my car to go pick up Mel, and the song "I Never Told You" by Colbie Caillat came on the radio. I hadn't heard this song before tonight, but the first line caught my ear, and I was hooked. So. Here it is. (:

I miss those blue eyes,
how you kiss me at night.
I miss the way we sleep.

Like there's no sunrise,
like the taste of your smile.
I miss the way we breathe.

But I never told you
what I should have said.
No, I never told you.
I just held it in.

And now, I miss everything about you.
Can't believe that I still want you.
And after all the things we've been through,
I miss everything about you, without you.

I see your blue eyes
every time I close mine.
You make it hard to see,
where I belong to
when I'm not around you.
It's like I'm not with me.

But I never told you
what I should have said.
No, I never told you.
I just held it in.

And now, I miss everything about you.
Can't believe that I still want you.
And after all the things we've been through,
I miss everything about you, without you.

the dream.

I'm sick. It's grand. Ok, not really. But it does make for some really good dreams. And the one I had last night is top notch. ha! When I woke up this morning I literally laughed. So, I decided that I need to share it. That's how good it is. I wish you could all have the mental image of it that I do. But you can't. So I'll do my best to describe it in detail. Alright. Here we go.

A girl had been murdered, and her body was hidden in an underground pipe. So there were all of these cops and people gathered outside forming search parties. Kyle and I were inside the pipe with these giant pieces of tinfoil. The cops had hired a search alligator to find the body of the girl. So Kyle and I were fanning the air from the pipe into the alligator's face so he could get the scent. Then the cops released it into the pipe to go find it. As the dream progresses, more and more people are entering the pipe, but not coming back out. The cops were starting to get worried that the alligator was killing the people, but nobody wanted to go investigate. Kyle, being the brave soul that he is, decided to go down into the pipe to find the alligator. Nobody wanted him to go, but he wouldn't listen. After a while he finally returned. He was all bloody, and his brains were hanging out of his head, and his wrists were bruised. I held him in my lap as he was dying, and asked him what had happened. He whisper/mumbled something, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I asked him again as I lowered my ear to his mouth, and he whispered "Mom did it." By now I'm irate. So I'm yelling for a cop and a medic, trying to figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, all of the people who went down to find the alligator are discovered dead. Nobody can figure out who the murderer is, or what's going on. I look into the pipe, and an old school elevator starts to come up out of it. On top of the elevator is my mom, crouched down with a crazy look on her face. Everybody points to her, and starts yelling to catch her. Right before somebody gets to her, another elevator comes down and smashes her. And that was the end of my dream.

hahahah! I was dying. Really. If that dream had any meaning behind it, I'm definitely stumped. I'm such a weirdie even in my sleep. I can't wait for tonight to see if any more odd dreams come about. Hope you enjoyed that. And hopefully it made sense.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Captain, Oh Captain.

Captain, oh Captain, oh where hath thou fled?
Have ye terried too long amongst children and beds?
Did ye nanny too long, and cease to exist?
How I wish you'd come home, and give me a kiss.

hahaha. Oh. I am too funny.
Finish nanny-ing. Come home. 
So we can hang out.
I miss your face.

Monday, September 20, 2010

the bun.

I like doing my hair in a librarian bun on top of my head like this:
So when I take it out, it goes all lion-maneish and looks like this:
 It's a pretty cute look, huh?
not really.


{say sometimes in front of these. I didn't feel like typing it before every sentence.}

I crave chocolate milk. And mix up a 32 ounce bottle of it. And drink it till I'm sick.

I have a rough week. Where I have random times that I break down crying.

I really miss my friends, and wish that they could come home.

I wish I knew where my life was going. Because I'm sick of feeling like I'm going nowhere.

I wish the stress could go away.

I wish my happy days could return. Because lately I've had a dark cloud looming over my head.

I miss you a lot and just want to talk to you.

I want to quit school.

I get sick of being sick. I want ears and a head that feel normal.

Sometimes I wish I knew what I wanted. But after I make a big list of what I think I want, I really don't know if that's what it is. So here's to figuring out life, and attempting to be happy. Let's hope for brighter days (:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pretty Girl.

My beautiful cousin Josie Lynn turned sixteen last week. Crazy, huh? So, we went out and took some birthday pics. (:

mmm.. yup. She's quite the cutie. And here's some pictures from her birthday party. I enjoyed myself.

Pretty great, huh? Especially that face that I'm making.. ha! OK. Just kidding. That is most definitely not great. 

Happy birthday, Jos. I love you, a lot. You're beautiful. And funny. And you'll always be my one and only TGB. (:
I'm glad that you're 16 now. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because adult-hood is just about as much fun as doing chores.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Head Soother {poem by Rob and Colby}

How much intense pleasure can derive from such a device? Needless to say, there is none. The peak of all peaks. The sensations flowing into one's brain deriving from such a close source, sonic waves of goodness and bliss. OOOHHHHHHHH! Such a simple, yet effective technique. This invention will far more impact the human race. Complex, yet so simple. A group of titanium alloys shaped into such a way that can arouse deeper human thought. More than any book, poem, or motivational speech. Head Soother. Ya wow. 

by Rob, Poet to end all others...

Friday, September 17, 2010

I miss your laugh..

hearing the song in your laughter,
the melody I chase after.
No one else has done this to me
Tyrone Wells
Sink or Swim.
Look it up. It's crazy good.
{how convenient. It's on the new playlist at the bottom of this page.}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You are delicious.
That's what I told my hair yesterday after having it trimmed. Really, though. It's such a great feeling. It smells so, so good. It feels amazing. And it's healthy. That's more than I could ask for. Healthy hair means a happy Alex. Plus, it's growing! That's even more cause for celebration. (:

Also, I'm beginning to accept myself.
Alright. I know that sounds silly. But I've always had some pretty bad self-esteem issues.. and it's probably been the worst it's ever been during these past few months. 
I'm not skinny enough. 
I'm not pretty enough.
I have an ugly laugh.
Chubby arms.
And ugly toes.
You  name it, I can find something that I don't like about it. When I look in the mirror, I see something completely different than everyone around me sees. Now, I'm not asking for sympathy and comments. Don't give them. haha! That's not the point of this. A while ago, I read this post on this boy's blog. After reading it, I started to realize that this was what the few people who knew about my self esteem issues were trying to tell me. That I was fine the way I was. I always used to cry and whine to one person in particular, when one day he told me 
     "beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and    you can't behold yourself. I say you're        beautiful, so what I say goes."
Or something to that effect. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I've had a sort of breakthrough. Tonight while I was watching ANTM with my mom, there was one girl who was just so skinny. The judges told her that they didn't like the message that she would be sending to young girls, and so they sent her home. When I first saw her body, I thought "oh man. what I would give.." And then as I listened to the things that were said towards her, and how she told them she was fine, I realized that she sounded crazy. And that I must, too. 

It's still going to take quite a bit of time before I'm completely happy with who I am, but I'm getting there. I don't need to starve myself to be happy. I just want to be healthy. That is one of the few things that I want for myself: I want to be happy. Because given everything that's going on in my life, I need a little bit of happy here and there. I want to look in the mirror and say you are delicious. And I don't want to say it to just my hair. To all of me. (: I know it's a funny little thing to say. But it makes me feel happy. And to know that I love myself will bring me happiness to last a lifetime.

So here's to you and me. let's be happy and delicious together.  


So. Maddi and I are sitting in our FYE class. Waiting for it to start.
I wish I had a picture or something to put up with this.. but I don't.
But. We love school. And getting packets from the wellness center.

tis good.

gotta go!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The new bestie.

I figure that since he's been in my life for quite a while now, it's time to introduce you to my new best friend. He goes wherever I go. He tells me what's going on inside of me, when my glucose levels are low, and when I should eat. He is also the most expensive friend I've ever had. Here he is:
And here is his best friend. The Poker.
Yep. I have to use that bad boy on an eight. I seriously think something is wrong with me.. I normally prick my fingers on and eight or nine, but I never get any blood. It's so weird! I have to sit and squeeze my finger for about a billion years to get barely even enough to test.

And, I decided to splurge. I bought the colored lancets. I know, right? Look at me go.
Now here's where the expensive part comes into play. These little guys are gonna make me go broke. For 25 of those bad boys, it costs 31 bones. Not cheap.

Welp. Glad you were able to meet my new best friend. (: He needs a name, though. Any suggestions?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

just a preview.

I was given the opportunity to take some pictures of a homecoming group tonight. I'm quite excited about how they turned out. So here's a little sneaky peek at them..
They all looked so good! I was sad I wasn't going. haha!
I really liked her dress.

Welp. That's all I feel like sharing for now. (:

dear you:

First off, let me remind you. I'm sorry I'm a creep. haha! Ok, but really. You probably think I'm crazy that I always send you messages that I never truly know if you'll ever receive. 
Secondly, I hope you're reading this. And understand what I'm trying to say to you.

So. I guess I'll start. Remember our theoretical rainbow line? And remember that conversation we had about it? Well, I feel like the cycle is repeating.. And we're losing that connection. And quite honestly, I'll lay it all out in the open, 
I'm beginning to miss it. A lot.
We talked for about half a second tonight. And it made me happy. Our dear friend up north keeps telling me to take my own advice. To talk to you. And I try, I really do.. I just feel like I've lost you. It feels like you've changed. I try to make myself bring up the things in my mind.. but I feel that if I say them out loud {ok.. theoretically "out loud"} then I'll just sound stupid.. and I'm afraid of rejection from you.

I miss our friendship. 
I want to fix things between us. Do you agree? I certainly hope so, because I really don't like where we left everything. Maybe soon we can work this out. Walk it through. Rewind and forget all the hurt. Because I've looked at my actions the last little while, and I realize how it all probably looked to you.. And I don't like that. Because what it looks like isn't at all what it truly is. When you asked me if I wanted to try, and I told you I didn't think I could do it, I'm sure that hurt you. Because now that I think about it, it would have hurt me. And it does hurt me. Because I felt as if my actions did nothing but scream "I'm done. I don't want you anymore." I wasn't. I still did. Maybe I'm still not, and maybe I still do. But obviously we made the decision to be where we are now, and seeing how things are, we'll probably continue with it being that way. 

I just want you to remember that I've never stopped caring. Or worrying about you. I want to take away the hurt I've caused you. And I hope that you'll let me do that.

What do you think?

Love: me.

some birthday magic.

Alright. I guess it wasn't really that magical. Twas fun, though. Yesterday was Dylan's birthday. Today was papi's. But Dylan's mom threw him a birthday party today.. it was fun! Here's a few of the promised pictures:
Some of us have major diving skills..
He pulled his towel up around his head
 and was saying in an english accent
"spare change for the poor?"
ha! this boy is hilarious.
B-man has quite the funny "old man" impression.
He walks around all hunched over, holding his back,
and shaking his hand like he's holding a cane.
Then he says in his squeeky-shaky "grandpa voice"
"You keeds get outta my gardiin!"

I'm pretty sure we had a little too much fun with the hats and glasses.. haha!
It was such a great night.
Happy birthday broseph. (:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love this weather.

it's gorgeous, isn't it?
I was outside typing up my paper, where an ant decided to make a feast of my leg, but I was forced to retreat inside when my computer died. {which, by the way, caused me to lose the last 2 paragraphs I had typed. ugh.}

I've decided that I need to stop putting off all of my homework.. so today was crackdown time. I came home.. and procrastinated for an hour. And then decided that I couldn't avoid the inevitable much longer. I started with my math homework, and then moved onto lib1010 {dumbest class EVER.} Which brought me to where I am now, which is also the homework I've been pushing to the bottom of my backpack every time I open it up. My narrative essay. Gag.

Ok. It really isn't that terrible. Just for some reason I haven't done it. And my rough draft is due tomorrow, so I decided to get started on it, because I didn't want to sacrifice my precious sleep time to write the darn thing. I've been working on it for two hours, and I only have a page and a half to go! woohoo! Be proud of me! I probably would have gotten more typed except it took me half an hour to come up with my opening paragraph, and Oscar kept begging me to throw the pine cone for him. I mean, come on, who can really resist him? So he occupied a bit of my time. 

And then I felt like blogging. So, here I am. Blogging. ha! Anyway. I just want to say happy birthday to my big brother Dylan! I love him so very much. He's funny. And pretty cool.
 Tomorrow is his birthday party. So I'll take some pics there.

Also! You should all be excited. I know that it has been taking forever, but we're closer to getting the headband blog up! And if you want to, we're going to be selling some headbands during Swiss Days in front of Uncle and Auntie's in Santa Clara. That's the one that's next door to Frei's Fruit Market, and across the street from Simply Delicious {It truly is simply delicious.. go there and get their strawberry spinach salad. I command you to.} Anyway! Come visit us! And check out our cutsie headbands (: Also, I bought some little hats for babies.. they are ADORABLE. the little girl ones will have flowers, and the boys will have snails.. They're pretty stinkin' cute.

Welp. Hope you're having a great week!! Until next time. Do your homework. And say your prayers. And don't let the ants eat you.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh ya know.

Just another daily mustache occurrence.

5 Things.

1: I'm happy. 
When I woke up this morning, I realized: I'm finally over you. 
It's an exhilarating feeling. I really quite like it. 
2: I like my bangs today.
It's a rare thing when I like my bangs.
So here's a pic. Sorry I'm making a hideous face.
3: I love this girl.
And guess what? We're going to Alaska together.
For 5 months. It's gonna be a party.
4: My grandpa is a hoot.
He told me a really funny joke yesterday.
It went like this:
{It's best if you say it out loud}
Wanna know how to catch a polar bear?
You cut a hole in the ice, and put peas around the edge.
Then, when the polar bear comes to take a pea,
you kick him in the ice-hole.
hahahahha! He's so funny.
5: My fingers hurt.
And taste like blood. All the time.
It's gross. I'm sick of all this pricking.
Hopefully it won't continue for too long..
But until then. I'll deal with sore fingertips. (:

Friday, September 3, 2010

we need a life. {lives}

Yesterday as I was sitting at my house making headbands and baby hats to sell at swiss days, my beautiful cousin Josie came over! She was doing her math homework and we were chitchatting. It soon escalated to us going and getting Melissa, and venturing over to Krave. After that we took Josie to her friend's house, and we were left to find our own entertainment. 

So. As we sat in my car, I looked at Melissa and asked her what we were going to do. She replied with an enthusiastic "I don't know." I then had the brilliant plan of driving over to the college and walking around the dorms to see if we could score us some hotties.... hahahah! Oh what a joke. We have nothing better to do with our time! {This was 7 at night, by the way} We then made our way over to the bookstore building where we found a newspaper. The Dixie Sun, to be precise. So, I know that this post is quite boring so far, but you HAVE to read this article... 7 and 1 are definitely quite sleezy. 

Bring sexy back: Top 10 free, romantic dates
10. Stay-cation: Find out what local attractions there are in Saint George, Cedar City or Mesquite and go on a tourist run. Most city attractions are free and it can be a great opportunity to walk around and get to know each other.
9. Spelunking: It might be hard to convince someone to go into a dark creepy cave on a first date, but if you're comfortable with each other this can be a lot of fun. Snow Canyon has lava tubes that are great for first-time cave explorers. As you journey through the darkness, make sure you don't get lost and talk about the crazy things you've done. Remember not to litter and keep the place looking nice.
8. Main Street Plaza: In the center of St. George there is a picturesque park complete with shaded tables, gardens and a clock tower. Playing chicken with the ground level fountain, or reading a book with a special someone in the library can really make for a romantic date.
7. Hot tubbing: Hot water, steam, and skimpy clothes can go a long way in creating the "mood". There are hot tubs all over town and most can be accessed by talking to the right people (hotel clerks, landlords, friends).
6. Cook dinner together: Men, listen up! "A lot of girls like it more when a guy makes dinner," said Cassie Swenson, a junior business major from Billings, Montana. If you're scared of cooking, try making a date-night meal a day in advance to make sure you can do it right. Then, when the moment comes, you can be confident and even get her to act as your sous chef. Make the dinner complete with candles and some back-ground music. (Personal recommendation: Craig David's "Born to Do It" or Massive Attack's "Mezzanine")
5. Picnic: Have some late afternoon fun in a park around St. George. There are hundreds of places that are quiet and special. Watch the sunset and wish on the first star.
4. Meteor shower: Slightly more uncommon and therefore more difficult to plan for, meteor showers are a lot of fun and very romantic. Be sure to bring a comfortable blanket, not chairs, and enjoy the company. Old Highway 91 outside of Santa Clara is close, but it's far enough away to keep out the city lights. Try a glass of win (please be responsible) and see where the night takes you.
3. Classic movie night: Stay home and watch a classic. "Casablanca," "Nosferatu" or "Gone with the Wind" are some great starters. Prepare some popcorn, lower the lights and get comfortable.
2. Become a "True Rebel": Legend has it that to become a True Rebel you must kiss your date in the fountain after either Homecoming or the D-Dance. However, a little known loophole is that at midnight on any full moon, the fountain holds the same power. Take a nice evening stroll around campus (security is present) and make your way to the fountain. The cold water, warm Dixie air, and full moon combine to create a perfect romantic escape.
1. Stay Home: Light some candles, burn some incense and put on some great music. Hang out and talk. A quiet evening at home with a romantic mood might just be the sexy escape you both need. Give each other a massage or play strip poker. Have fun and enjoy the night.

I know, right? I'm hoping your reaction was the same as mine and Melissa's. We were dying of laughter. The guy who wrote this must think he's quite the ladies man... gosh. I couldn't contain myself while I was reading it. ha! So, after that we continued on to the car. By now it's 9, and we had exhausted all of our plans for the night... So we went and got a redbox and watched it at my house. *sigh* I don't know how either of us are ever going to find anybody to date.. ha! Here's our delicious fruit sorbet: 

And Melissa was quite excited about all of the caramel popcorn..

Yup. That was our night. And if you made it this far, I applaud you. Because that was a lot of reading. Also, I hung out with Brad tonight. He showed me his new ukulele. And it did nothing but confirm my reasons for ordering one. {I have yet to do so.. But I will. Soon.} anywho. I'm going to sleep. Toodles!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Do you ever have those songs that just scream what's going on in your mind? Yeah. Me too. This is one of them.

Dear, I wrote you a song.
Despite the fact you did me wrong.
And dear, I don't know what is going on with you,
but something ain't right.

You tell me that you love me,
then you go and leave me.
Why you do this to me?
Baby, I'm lovesick.
I just can't eat, just can't sleep.
Can't do much of anything at all,
'cause I'm sick and in love with you, dear.

Dear, I wrote you this song.
In hopes that you would sing along.
And dear, I've been working for you,
'cause something ain't right.

You tell me that you love me,
then you go and leave me.
Why you do this to me?
Baby, I'm lovesick.
I just can't eat, just can't sleep.
Can't do much of anything at all,
'cause I'm sick and in love with you, dear.

-Never Shout Never