Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mary Dawn

    {yes.. post number 2 for the night}
My good friend Mary Dawn decided to put up with me today and allow me to take pictures of her. (:
  So here's a few.
it's gonna be a while until more are up.. I discovered today that my photoshop isn't going to work on my new comp. *sigh* sad day.

She graduated! 
{props to Rachel on this picture}
She's gorgeous!
Oh Mar. How I live you.

And then I took some pictures of the surrounding nature!!

There it is! (:
hope you liked it!

here come the pictures!

Here they are:
        the long awaited pictures.
ok. so that was a lie. I doubt any of you have been anticipating them that much. anywho. here they are (:

This girl, I love. And I miss her.
Oh look. The crew. (:
And Al. My favorite boy.
I love these girls!!
Oh look, it's Chad!
They're all going to do great things in life.

So. I would grace you all with more.
But, considering the way that facebook was flooded with graduation pictures, I doubt any of you are all that curious with many more from me. (:

hope you enjoyed them!


com·mence·ment: (kə-měns'mənt)

1: A beginning; a start.

2:  a. A ceremony at which academic degrees or diplomas           are conferred.
     b. The day on which such a ceremony occurs.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is it.

So. This is it. My very last day of high school ended a few hours ago. And I'm not so sure how to feel. Happy, of course. But also quite sad. I'm a giant ball of emotions.. which will be released via tear-form sometime in the next two days.

Although, I do give myself major props. I only cried twice today. Both whilst reading some entries in my yearbook {which was quite snazzy, if I do say so myself.} *sigh* my heart pounds when I think about graduation.. I know it will be good. But it's such a scary thought.

They're sending me out into the real world.

They might regret that later on down the road.. ha!

After yearbook signing we went to olive garden. It was a solid lunch. Lots of breadsticks were partaken of. As many as 7 and a 1/2 for many people..

Over all, the day has been very good. And it's only 2:30. I'm just awaiting what surprises will come my way later on.

Now i'm on my way to Melissa's. We're going to make headbands to sell to the friendies. woot!

So, the next time you hear from me.. I will no longer be a high school student.

ah! scary.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cody Eugene Patterson

Happy birthday, my friend.
You are now 18.
I do hope your day was quite grand.

Melissa and I came bearing gifts of cake, chips and salsa, and even a fancy bracelet. All of which I'm sure you enjoyed.
I'm so glad you arrived on this earth 18 years ago. Without you in my life, I don't know what I would do.
You're hillarious, and you don't let anything get you down. You're such an influence to me, and I love you so incredibly much! (:
I hope you've had a great day. And I hope that tomorrow is just as good, when you go to test your cardboard boat.

Once again, happy birthday to you.
And thanks for everything you've done for me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

pretzels and friends.

So. Here I sit, the last Monday of my high school existence. Berkley is leaving us. Kenzie is laying on the floor. and Cody is in the corner.{nobody puts baby in the corner} I shall miss these friends of mine. And high school. But mostly my friends. We're all about to set off on our separate journeys, and i'm not so sure what to think about it. So, I have decided to blog. Cody is complaining that his hair dresser is crazy busy, and he can't get his hair cut. Kenzie finds it a joke how much he spends. And Cody says it's not a rip off when it looks and feels good. I just returned from a chocolateXtreme run with Mary. It was extremely good. And chocolatey. Yes. These are the moments I'll miss in life. And in high school.

I can tell you what I won't miss, though.
I won't miss the homework. And the dumb assignments we are given. I won't miss the fights, the lack of sleep, and the hours wasted sitting in classrooms learning nothing.

So my high school career has come to this: I have learned how to talk my way out of assignments. I have learned the amount of time I can procrastinate until it's too late. I've learned that I love my friends. And I've also learned that I can successfully type 5 feet away from the computer, and blog successfully.

So, here's to high school. (:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

oh lands.

I've decided to give this whole blogging dealio a shot.
Could be scary.
we shall see.