Sunday, January 30, 2011

i like this.

I loved you, so I drew these tides of men into my hands
                 and wrote my will across the sky in stars
To earn you Freedom, the seven pillared worthy house,
                 that your eyes might be shining for me
                                                         When we came.

Death seemed my servant on the road, till we were near
                 and saw you waiting:
When you smiled, and in sorrowful envy he outran me
                 and took you apart:
                                                      Into his quietness.

Love, the way-weary, groped to your body, our brief wage
                 ours for the moment
Before earth's soft hand explored your shape, and the blind
                 worms grew fat upon
                                                         Your substance.

Men prayed me that I set our work, the inviolate house,
                 as a memory of you.
But for fit monument I shattered it, unfinished: and now
The little things creep out to patch themselves hovels
                                            in the marred shadow
                                                              Of your gift.

-T.E. Lawrence
Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's ok. It's Tuacahn. They like this kind of crap.

Last week Maddi and I felt the need to visit the D.I. to see what good little treasures we could find. We found a lovely mustard-velvety blazer, a lace dress, and a Jazz belt. The Jazz belt was a gift for a friend, and the other two articles were for a much-wanted photo shoot. Unfortunately the blazer never got used. We're saving it for another time. But here is the result of the rest of it! Maddi is a babe. I look like an angry child. (:

I couldn't really decide which one of these two I liked best. It kind of reminds me of an ad for perfume or something. ha!

Then we ventured off to Tuacahn, where we got some awesomely awkward looks. That's where Maddi made the smart alec comment of "It's ok. It's Tacahn. They like this kind of crap." ha! I laughed quite a bit. This crap = the way we were dressed. That shnazzy jacket I'm wearing is one that my granny gave me from I don't know when. But she would always wear it over her evening gowns when she lived in Cali and they'd go to operas. Cool, yeah? I thought so.
We found these lovely combat boots lurking around Schnid's closet.

Welp. That's it. 
I highly encourage you to do this at least once in your life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a preview.

Here's a lil' preview of what you're all about to receive.
Maddi and I have been busy today.
We're considering going pro.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The day we grew some balls.

Last friday, the Madster and myself traveled to the far away land of red cliffs mall. The first store we passed is where we made our first unplanned purchase of the day. These magical little guys called water beads that come in a nice tube are our new best friends. You soak them in water and then enjoy the hours of fun that come with them. We bought them because Maddi wanted to bathe in them. Unfortunately we didn't buy enough to fill a bathtub. But we still had fun. We decided putting our feet in them would suffice. If you ever come across these little guys, you should definitely buy some. 

Two days later..

Here's the main reason we bought them:

Needless to say, many childish middle school style jokes were said. ha! I wish I could type them all up. They were too funny. So if you ever find some of these. Buy them. They're great.

Her dancing and singing skills are amazing. 

k bye.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

He's a stud.

Kyle went to junior prom tonight. Well. Technically he's still there. But.. yeah. Ok. Awkward.

Anyway! Cyd asked me to take some pictures of him. It was basically like pulling teeth. He wouldn't let me take one of him unless Oscar was in the picture, or he was bustin' move. And then when I tried to take one with him he just looked special, and I looked chubby. I really don't think I got a single normal-looking one.

At least I tried, right?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two days ago.. hair lost its virginity.

That's right. My un-touched, never dyed hair received a chunk of blonde. I'm still trying to adjust.. I can't really decide if I like it or not. But Melissa has asked me to post a picture. So here it is. (: It's really blonde. Definitely not what I'm used to. 

And it kinda peeks through in the front..
Sorry about my appearance. I just got done showering. Awesomely smeared mascara? Yes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

butterscotch poppy.

My soon-to-be sister in law is currently in the process of creating an etsy account, where she is going to sell many of her wonderful creations. I can tell you right now that it's gonna be great. She's so amazingly talented. 

She asked me to help her get her page set up, and so I've been trying to come up with some header ideas for her shop, but I've only made one! I need some suggestions/ideas! Let me know what you think (:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The day I cut off Scott's jedi braid.

Once upon a time I had a friend named Scott Alan Heinrich.

And he had a jedi braid. One that I hated with a passion. One day he called me up, and told me he was in town. And possibly getting a new hair style. I inquired what was to happen with the braid, and he said it was staying. I offered to cut it off. And somehow he agreed. So I did. And it was great feeling. 

Better, yeah?
I thought so.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't date stupid people.

Once upon a time, we decided we were going on an adventure. And a grand adventure it was. We went to Menchie's. And then smelled the walls in the bathroom. Did some heel clicks, and then dropped Maddi off to her murderer. Yep. Solid night. Here's the pics.
While Maddi left to get a napkin Abbey decided she was going to steal all of her red velvet. haha! It was great.
And we caught Abbey staring at herself in the window.
And then Maddi tied Abbey's shoes. And abbey thought it was hideous.
We took a quick trip to the bathroom, where Maddi showed Abs how good the bathroom smelled. They then proceeded in sniffing everything, trying to find the source. ha!
Melissa.. this ones for you. I haven't told you, but I got a romper. I thought you'd be proud. (:
We turned Arbs into the pack mule. You can feel the pain in her smile. ha!
 I like the wall there. I want the inside of a shower to look like it.
Then we took Maddi to hang out with the brother of an ex-coworker. ha! Was that confusing enough?
She was slightly nervous.

Then she left, and Abbey and I ventured back to her house, where we had a nice conversation about my crappy love life, and how stupid boys are, and how they all need to die. ha! Ok. Not the last part. They don't need to die. But the part about my crappy love life, and the stupidity of men was true. Then Garrett came over and we read a nice little story about angels on earth, and a bunch of other crap. It was peachy. Abbey sang me some Jack on her uke, and it made me happie. I spelt that wrong on purpose, don't worry. I'm not that dumb. Yep. It was a great night. Abbey is gonna start giving me ukulele lessons. And we don't really know if Maddi survived her night. I think she did, because I texted her today. Yep. She survived. Ok. I love you all. 
Don't date stupid people.