Thursday, December 22, 2011


I suppose it's time for my semi-annual blog post.

ha. I'm so funny. 

Welp. Christmas is almost here and I think I'm done with my shopping...? I hope. Because I'm sick of fighting these crowds of coupon-clipping mommies with their wicked awesome parking spot stealing skillz. yes. 
With a Z.

It's good to be having a break from school. I was two seconds from dropping out. I would have later regretted it. But the satisfaction that would have came from it would have trumped all, I believe.

I've been taking quite a few pictures lately, and that's a good feeling. People think I'm semi-decent I suppose.

My nephews have dubbed me as "number one favorite aunt... but you're tied with our other aunt." haha. Love them.

Friends! You're in town, I know it. I just do. So stop hiding and call me and let's have fun together.

Melissa comes home tomorrow. For good this time, people. For good.

Well. Seeing that I have to be up in 6 hours to take Tracy into surgery, I best be off to sleep. Maybe I'll be a mean daughter and film him while he's incoherent. hahaha. I can only imagine.

Welp... this post was super lame, and I'm most likely delete it come morning.

Peace and blessings.