Sunday, October 31, 2010


[pee-kok]-noun1.      the male of the peafowl distinguished by its long, greenish, iridescent tail coverts that are brilliantly marked with ocellated spots and that can be spread in a fan.2.     any peafow3.      Maddi, Melissa, and Alex.
Halloween is a peachy holiday. You get to dress up as whatever your heart desires. For us, that desire was a peacock. Pretty great, right? We started the night out with our hair and makeup.
{with some light painting in between}
{cheesy smile.}

My bangs have a life of their own at times..

And then we finally left!
"Peacocks always drive at 10 and 2."
"Officer.. It's incredibly hard to drive when your'e a peacock."
Her hair was touching the ceiling.

Anyway. After our exciting time of getting ready and our uneventful drive, we made it to Staheli Farm. That's where the dance was. It smelled like sweaty armpits, manure, and hay.. it was an interesting combination. And even though I had braced myself for the nasty people that would be doing their own thing on the dance floor, I was still shocked. Pretty much everyone is 100% disgusting. I do appreciate the few girls who dressed appropriately. I saw two girls dressed up as a pair of dice. I laughed. And a few wearing lab coats, and random stuff like that. I also appreciate the boys who wear clothes, not loin cloths. I swear almost every guy I saw was shirtless and wearing the shortest pair of shorts possible. And literally, loin cloths. *sigh* My hope for decent people hasn't improved since the last dance I went to. If anything, it's probably worsened. But. We still mobbed up the dance floor and did our own thing. And then we were thirsty, so we made our way to the back of the.. uh.. barn to find some water. But all we found was luke warm chocolate milk. Needless to say, it didn't quench our thirst. We then made our way back up to the front. Which was where some guy came up behind me.. and. ew. Yeah. I felt like crying. Maddi pushed him away, and thankfully he left. Gah! Seriously, people are super gross. But, it was a lot of fun. Melissa drugged me with excedrin before we left because I was dead tired from work. I worked 9:30 to 6:00. It was the booseum, and we had about 300 people come in. It was busy. It was a pretty solid Halloween, though. I had fun. We danced around in our peacock costumes and had a grand time. Melissa's dance moves are definitely the greatest. And Seth Hayne's rendition of the "single ladies" dance had me cracking up. haha! He's a funny kid. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. And wore clothing that covered more than what is required by law (:

love you all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

you make me touch your hands for stupid reasons.

If you know anything about me, then you know I have an extremely stupid sense of humor, and that I am easily entertained. My dear friend Maddi Rodet knows the perfect ways of feeding my humor. A few weeks ago she showed me a blog, and it's definitely my new favorite. Here it is. I have a few favorite posts from it. Here and Here and Here and Here.

Today she texted me and told me she had a website to show me.
When I looked at it I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard.
I was literally crying.

So, before I give you the website, I'll give you a few warnings:
1:Make sure you're not in a class when you click on the link. .. it has audio, so that could be bad. But when you do click on it, make sure your volume is turned up.
2:Prepare to listen to it a billion times. It's hilarious. And it gets funnier every time.
3:hahah. I can't even think of a third warning. It's just so great.


Monday, October 25, 2010

hi there, lovely.

Every once in a while I find a song that I love. Ok.. That's a bit broad given that everyday I find a song that I love. Let me clarify: {pardon me for the cheesiness of it} Every once in a while I find a song that sings of the type of love that I want to have in my life. Ok, I told you it was cheesy. But I really, truly do. I found this song a few days ago. It's called "endlessly" by Green River Ordinance, and it is so stinking good. So, I'm sorry. I know I promised that I would stop being annoying and posting lyrics. But. This one is just so good that I couldn't resist. (: {I'm not going to post a youtube video for this because it's on my playlist at the bottom of this page. So, go click on it. And read the lyrics along with it}

She is my rock, and my rolling thunder,
I've been the spell that she was under.
I, I love that girl.

She is my cigarettes and champagne,
She's got me strung, but I'm not running.
I, I love that girl.
I, I love that girl

She is the days I can't get over,
she is the nights that I call home, endlessly.
For you I'll always wait.

Caught in the waves of hesitation,
lost in the sea of my own doubt, endlessly.
For you I'll always wait.
For you I'll always wait.

She is the flame and the fire she's raging,
I've been the spark and the war she's waging.
I, I love that girl.

She came along and she spoke so sweetly,
changed everything, took my heart completely.
I, I love that girl.
I, I love that girl.

She is the days I can't get over,
she is the nights that I call home, endlessly.
For you I'll always wait.

Caught in the waves of hesitation,
lost in the sea of my own doubt.
Endlessly, for you I'll always wait.

And the city buzz and empty cars,
it's 3AM I wonder where you are.
And the crooked smiles and worn out miles between us,
now I wonder where you are.

She is the days I can't get over,
she is the nights that I call home, endlessly.
For you I'll always wait.

Caught in the waves of hesitation,
lost in the sea of my own doubt, endlessly.
For you I'll always wait.

Cutie, huh?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cindy's Seniors

Cindy and I went out a week or two ago.. I don't quite remember when it was. I've been so busy that my days are just blending into one big clump! Anyway. Here's a few of what we took (: Sorry it took so long!

I say sexy things to myself when I'm dancing.

This video has brought me and my nephews endless hours of laughter.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halving the Compass

This past week I've been on a music binge.
I've found only about a billion new artists that I want to share with you. But seeing as I'm busy 24/7, and never home, I decided to just take a moment and tell you about my  new favorite band.. They're called Helios. Do you ever find a song/artist that just makes you feel happy inside? Yeah. That's what this is for me.

It brings me a peace that not very many people or things can do. It helps me to reflect, and realize what a beautiful world we live in. 
{Not to mention that I needed some calm music to study to.. Eminem just wasn't cutting it}

Enjoy. (:

Monday, October 18, 2010

The 10 Step Recovery Process of Brad Dorius' Love

Do you ever find yourself strolling along in life happy as can be, and then reality hits you: You've lost Brad Dorius' unconditional love. If so, this 10 Step Recovery Process is just for you. It's easy to let his love slip from your fingers, but hard to win back. With our program, we've made it possible for you to regain his love with dignity and ease. Just follow these ten simple steps, and his love will be yours to claim once again.

1: Admit Defeat.
It's not easy for even the most humble people to admit that they've lost it. But once you admit to both yourself and Brad that you've been missing his love, things will begin to fall into place, and you'll be back on the straight-and-narrow in no time.
2: Become a Suck-Up.
Admitting to Brad that you've lost his love isn't going to be enough to cause him to hand it back to you on a silver platter. You've got to work for it. You've practically got to kiss the ground he walks on. Do his chores for him. Filter his fermented Noni Juice, and occasionally write blog posts dedicated to him. Basically anything you wouldn't normally do, do.
3: Take Care of Launa.
Brad lets very few special ladies into his life. And out of the few that he has, Launa is definitely his favorite. You've got to treat her like the special little lady that she is. Take her for walks around the block. Polish her up. Keep her in tune. Anything that makes Launa happy, makes Brad happy too.
4: Allow His Korean-Speak.
As we all know, Brad is leaving on a mission soon. Included with his mission will be the ability of speaking Korean. He needs some practice. And although you may feel like a fool because you don't know what he's saying, just nod your head like you know what he's saying, and keep that cheesy smile plastered on your face. And once he does leave on his mission, you must continue to let him write you in Korean. Otherwise, these 4 beginning steps will have to be repeated.
5: Feeling Discouraged?
No worries, you're half way there to regaining his love! Now is the time in your 10 step process that you meet with Brad and discuss how you're doing. Are you progressing? Is Launa satisfied? For double points you can bake Brad cookies, bring him warm milk, tuck him into bed and sing him sweet, sweet lullabies.
6: Jeffry.
Jeffry is Brad's beloved pet cow. Jeffry enjoys walks around the block just like Launa. He also loves cake, stories, and snuggling up with Brad at night. Lately Brad has been losing a lot of sleep because Jeffry keeps him up at night with his tossing and turning. He's been looking for somebody to keep Jeffry company in his cow-house so he can get a full night's rest. By spending the night with Jeffry, Brad will be better rested, thus feeling more generous to give you pieces of his love back. 
7: Ignore his FaceBook Speaking Issues. 
Let's admit it: nobody has perfect typing skills. On late nights when Brad argues with his two wives, sometimes he makes a mistake. All it takes is for your to ignore his spelling error, or better yet, just tell him you agree. That's all it takes.
8: Don't Be a Creep.
If there's one thing Brad doesn't like, it's creepy people. So don't be a creep. Because chances are, if you're creepy, you'll probably never regain his love. 
9: Unconditionally Love Him.
If you want his unconditional love, you must love him in return. Not once can you falter, or he will sense your motivations are purely for popularity. 
10: Give Respect.
Don't demand it. If you demand respect from Brad, then you will never receive his love. By bottling your respect, and hand delivering it to him on a velvet pillow, Brad's love for you is bound to burst. And when it does, you best be ready with a net to catch it. Because those few moments are crucial, for this is the time for you to retrieve your once-lost unconditional love.

After the bursting of his heart, you must soak it up like a sponge. Lock it up, and throw away the key. For if you lose his love a second time, there is no way that it will ever return to you. Hopefully this thoroughly tested 10-step program will work for you. Let us know your success stories. 

Good luck on your unconditional love retrieval. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

t-swift did me good.

Turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you,

wishing that I realized what I had when you were mine.

she's so solid.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Behold: I have made a new friend.
Now, we all know how lacking I've been as of late in the friend department, but don't go getting your panties in a bundle from all of your excitement. For my new friend is not human. No-sir-ee. He is a cat. {insert laughs and cat-lady jokes here. I know you're all thinking it.} 

Today I had to meet my brother Dylan at his house. I had gotten off work earlier than expected, and he was running later than what we had hoped for. He told me to swing by the gas station and get myself a drink, and just go wait at his house. So I stopped and got myself a bottle of water and some chex mix, and then continued on to his humble abode. I parked out in front of his house and rolled down my windows. As I was munching on my chex mix, I heard a meow. I sat up straight to look out the passenger-side window, and saw a orange kitty staring up at me. So I climbed over into the passenger seat and began to converse with him. He looked hungry, so I started tossing him some of my chex mix. We had a nice ten minute conversation consisting mainly of "meeroow." I took a picture of him and sent it to my brother. It said this:

"I've made a friend. With fangs that could belong to a saber-tooth tiger."

Seriously, though. His teeth were like twelve inches long. Anyway. That's beside the point. Dylan texted me back, and informed me that his name was O.J.
He was a cool cat. I enjoyed my meal and conversation with him. I think I'll be visiting him more often.

I'm pretty sure that it's just further proof that I'm never getting married, and I'm destined to be a cat lady.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

one doll hair.

Sometimes I have these "duh" moments in life. In the moment I feel like a total dumb head, and then I promise myself to never do it again. Well. Here's my stupid moment that I had months ago... and repeated tonight. *sigh* I think one day I'll be smart... at least we can hope, right?

So I made a quick little trip to the dollar store to purchase some ribbon and chocolate chips. Upon finding my items amongst the million other out-of-place random things, I sat and stared at the shelves. Here's the conversation that took place in my brain:
*hmmhmhhmmm*  {humming}
choco-choco-chips: check.
Ribbon: check. 
siyuck! time to leave
... wait a minute. 
how much do these cost?
maybe it says under here..
nope. Nothing. 
Back of the bag?
what the...
Where the FREAK is the price for these things?!

By now my brain is a raging inferno of madness. I was ticked. I was already in a hurry, and then I get to the store, and nothing is priced. How in the world was I supposed to get out of there in a timely fashion? 

And then it hit me:
You're in the dollar store. Dollar store. It costs $1.00

Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm really good at filling in the awkward silence that presents itself in conversations. Example: You're going on a date with somebody, and you're not so sure what to talk about. Every once in a while you get the one guy/girl that just rambles. That's me. Although, sometimes my rambling that fills in the awkward silence just makes for awkward one-sided conversation. And then I realize that it's starting to feel awkward. So I stop talking, causing the moment to loop back to the awkward silence which is where it all started. 

Also.. the word awkward is spelt really awkward. And it sounds awkward.

Yep. That was awkward.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

my life is complete.

I am now the proud owner of a DynoBytes dinosaur sandwich cutter.
Be jealous.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Washing Machine from Hell

... slash the uncanny ability of cleaning my room.
Allow me to explain.

So. This evening my mother came cantering into my room, singing praises of washing clothing. She joyfully asked if I had any sweats to be cleansed of their sins, and I answered with a resounding yes. As I pirouetted around my room, scooping up my articles of clothing, Cyd patiently waited in my door way. I gracefully tossed her the pile, and she skipped off down the hall to work magic in the laundry room. Moments later, I found myself enjoying the company of a box of Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins in the kitchen, when I heard an odd noise echoing from the room of launderers. 
"Mother dear!" I sang. 
She answered with a whistle, and popped her head from the room, to find what I was inquiring of. 
"What might that hideous noise be?" I asked. 
"Oh, I don't know. There's probably a unicorn inside," she said. "Or maybe it's a shoe."
But, I knew better. "Oh pish-posh! What are you thinking?! Of course it's a unicorn! The chances of it being a shoe are so incredibly rare. Why would you ever dream of such a thing!?"
With a weary look on her face, she told me to not be so sure of myself, and to go check my room to make sure Horace {my pet unicorn} hadn't been scooped up in my speedy clothing retrieval. I told her she was being ridiculous, but decided to go check anyway. When I arrived in my room, I found Horace curled up in his cradle having his early-evening nap, but to my horror I found only one of my two boots lying on the ground. 
"NOOOOO!!!" I screamed, and fainted in a slow-motion fashion. Thankfully Horace was there to catch me, and he splashed water on my face to bring me back to reality. "Stop that washer!" I slow-motion ran to the laundry room, and slammed my fist onto the "stop wash" button. I then curled into a ball at the foot of the washing machine, and began to sob as I waited an agonizing 30 seconds for the door to unlocked. The moment I heard the 'click' I threw myself at the door, and began ripping clothes from the hell-hole of that machine. Out of the sopping wet clothes, emerged an even soppier, wetter boot. I cradled Lefty in my arms, whispered sweet secrets into his ear, and told him everything would be alright. I then lovingly ringed the water from his cold, wet, limp body, and laid him in the sink to regain consciousness. I then threw a pointed finger at Cyd as I exclaimed: "YOU! You are the reason my room is dirty, and that I scooped up Lefty in my hasty gathering of clothing! I only wore him once, and now he may never have the opportunity of gracing my foot ever again!"
She then bowed down my feet, and began to apologize. "Oh, will you ever forgive me!? You are not to blame! It's completely my fault that your room looks as if a tornado ripped through it, and that I haven't kept it clean! Please, oh please, my wonderful daughter, forgive me!"
It was at that moment, that I raised my mustache-tattooed finger to my upper lip, let out an evil laugh, and banished her to Washing Machine Hell forever.

bail is set at one new pair of boots.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I feel so posh right now.

And now I shall continue on with the promised blog post of this past weekend. Get ready. It was crazy.

Friday: Our two beautiful friends Rachel and Berkley were down to run the marathon {you can click on their names to see their blogs about that adventure}. We planned to meet up with them that morning for breakfast! So Melissa and I ventured over to The Egg and I, and had some much missed time with those two.
 Those were their we can't believe we're running a marathon tomorrow faces. Those two are crazy. But I'm so incredibly proud of them and all their hard work! I love them. And miss them.

Anywho. After breakfast, we went home to finish packing, and then hit the road. 

We drove up to Cedar and spent a few hours with with Cody, Sam, Rob, and Tyler. It was a lot of fun. We met their roommates. Heard their stories of college and how Robby exposed himself to the entire apartment complex. Saw their dew collection. Listened to Sam play his guitar and watch him balance his 5 billion bags. Cody clipped his nails. Robby made chili. Cody ate some chips and salsa. You know. Just the usual things you would expect from those boys.
We then continued on our way to Provo. And we saw this gorgeous sunset:
I don't know why, but that's all the pictures I took that day. But once we got to Provo we went to Zuppas with Mary. And then found Michelle. Then Michelle, Melissa, and I went to some intramural flag football thing. Then we drove over to Mike Shepard's apartment and saw him, Kiana Calkins, and Chad. And Mike's crazy roommate Michael. After that we went back to Helaman, and just hung out for the rest of the night. I can't exactly remember. My brain was so tired that it's all just kind of a blur. And now, on to..

Saturday: We slept in. It was glorious. We woke up at... 9:30 I think. The plan was to go do some shopping, and then attempt to watch the last bit of conference. So we arose and went to shower. We got into the bathroom, and Melissa had forgotten something in the room. {Oh. I forgot- we were staying in Alex Halladay's dorm. Both she and her roommate were out of town, so they left us a key.} Anyway, Melissa goes back out to the room. When she comes back into the bathroom, she goes "Al.. You're gonna die." So I turned off my water so I could hear her and asked her what happened. She then says "The magnet fell." The magnet is a trick Alex informed us of - you stick it in the door frame, and it keeps the door from latching shut so you don't have to take your key with you. The bad thing about not taking your key with you is when the magnet falls, you're locked out. Not such a problem when you live there. Major problem when you don't live there, and you're not really supposed to be there. So, long story short: With the help of Michelle and a billion phones calls to get ahold of Alex, we finally were able to get a key to get back into the room. So, after that whole ordeal, we finished getting ready and drove to the mall!

After a long while of shopping, Melissa dropped me off at Chad's apartment, and she went to curl Michelle's hair, and get ready with her and Mary. I met Chad's roommate Bret. Chit-chatted. Twas grand. When it was time for him to go to the priesthood session, Melissa came back to get me. I changed into my newly acquired boots and dress, and the four of us went to this cute little restaurant. Unfortunately I don't remember what it was called. Mary, help?
These were soooo good.
After dinner we walked around to the corner to this spiffy place called SP^RK {you can click on that if you don't believe me about how cool it was.} Essentially what it is, is a fake bar. That serves alcoholic beverages minus the alcohol. They play chill music, like John Mayer. And it makes you feel posh, according to Michelle.(: hah! But it really was so super cool. Here's some pictures of our fun time there:
I was in love with this wall.
And this chandelier.
And this candle.
Here were our drinks! Melissa and Michelle got Double Berry Martinis, Mary got a Pomegron, and I had a Bellini! They were all really good. Melissa got salt all around her rim. I was jealous. But it was really just sugar. Still jealous, though.
And we had a few desserts that were also quite delicious.
She's a neck-nuzzler:
So after dinner we went back to Taylor, and sat around for a few minutes. Brad showed up. That was fun.
Then we went over to j-hall. Where we hung out. And I was instructed to take a picture of this boy whose name I don't even know.

While we were all hanging out it was getting a bit much for my brain to handle. So I went over to Chad's for a little while and hung out with him, Mike, and Kiana. They were trying to avoid Mike's crazy roommate so they snuck out the back window. haha! Then Chad and I just talked for a bit. It was so good. I've missed him a lot. More than I realized, I think. And even though seeing him is making me miss him even more, it makes me happier. Because I know that he's doing well, and that I can still see and talk to him. That sounds silly. I did know that I could still see and talk to him, but this weekend made it seem more realistic. Made me realize that he's not gone. Does that make sense? Anyway. What it boils down to, is that I'm happy.

Then Melissa and Mary came to get me, and we returned to Taylor for a bit, then Melissa and I went back to "our" dorm, and fell asleep. Ah. It was much needed. I was exhausted. And then came...

Sunday: We were planning on waking up early to go say goodbye to Mary and Michelle. They were going up to conference with Brad and a few of their friends, and we weren't sure if we were going to get to see them again before we left. But, obviously, we slept past their departure time. So that never happened. But we woke up at 10:30 and watched conference. After that we got ready, and drove to West Jordan to visit Melissa's Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. We ate dinner/lunch... Linner with them and watched the second half of conference. After that we talked, and then drove to her brother and sister-in-law's new apartment. Stayed there for like 10 minutes, and then left for STG. 

While we were passing by BYU, the song LoveGame by the infamous GaGa came on. "I wanna kiss you. But if I do, then I might miss you babe." We looked at each other and both laughed at the irony. And oh, how true it is. And as I stared at the Y on the hill, my throat tightened up, and I had to choke back the tears of how much I'm missing you, and everyone else. I think I can handle it better this time. Even though a bit more confusion was created, a bit more was cleared up as well. I know I still have everyone in my life, and that I'll see them all again soon. Some within a week. It's just that goodbyes are always hard. So I try to remember them as "see-you-laters."

Anywho. Enough of my sappiness. Forgive me, please. We got home last night about 11:30. gah. I was so stinking tired. I slept like a baby. And then I was awoken around 4:30 by the most beautiful sounds of rain and thunder, paired with lightening. I know that everybody says they love the rain, but I really do. It makes me feel at peace, and so happy. 

And so, to make this happy feeling last, I'm wearing these awesome socks:
And eating this grand orange roll:
 I'm also listening to a new artist I just discovered. Her name is  Stacy Clark. My favorite song of the moment is called Touch and Go. Listen to it. I'm commanding you to.

As if all of this wasn't enough for my to be on a happy-high for a while, I discovered this:
 That's four days of pure bliss, right there. *sigh* I'm so content right now. If you've made it this far, I congratulate you. You probably deserve an award of some kind. I hope you're not bored. But thanks for reading about my amazing weekend. (: 
I hope life is treating you well. And if you're feeling down, connect with an old friend, or find something to make you happy, k?

Love you all.