Friday, July 29, 2011

one word.


What do you do when that's the only word written in the letter from a missionary you've been anticipating to hear back from?

You stress and wonder what you've done wrong.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

fact. {plural}

  • It's been almost a month since I last blogged. That is far too long, and it's making me feel unfaithful to myself.
  • Remember this? They're back with vengeance, and I do believe I'm going to die. I'm willing to try anything, so if any of you ladies out there have a suggestion, I'm willing to take it. 
  • Vegas with your mother is a good way to spend a Friday. New clothes are always welcomed with open arms and a thankful closet.
  • Today I discovered I have a real life connection to this lovely blogger that I've always wanted to meet. Who would've thought.
  • Back to bullet number two. Mel... I'm having my lady parts removed. I hope you're still up for being a surrogate. kthanks.
  • Ice cream and a movie with your favorite cousin is always a blast.
  • I miss Jeff.
  • Breckan tells me all the time who I love, and why I'm going to marry him. For the mean time I'll believe he can read into the future, for it truly is what I want. We'll have to wait a few years to see if his prediction comes true.
Hopefully I'll be back soon, with something more than a list. This is all I could warm my fingers up to, so it will have to suffice.