Monday, February 28, 2011


Happy 60th anniversary to my grandparents.

I love them mucho.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Banana hair.

{Just as a preface, I had to sing that annoyingly infamous song by Gwen Stefani to type that up there^. And every time I type that word out in this post, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be singing it in my head.}

I've always been quite curious of those home remedies that claim to work miracles. "Drink this and you'll cry tears of gold." "Bathe in this and you'll gain the ability to fly." You get the point. There always seems to be a concoction of some sort popping up in Seventeen Magazine.. and if you know me, you know that I love that mag. I've gotten it in the mail every month since I turned 14. When I got this month's copy, I stuck it in my backpack and somehow forgot about it. So today while at work, I rediscovered it and was flipping through it when I stumbled upon the page titled "your recipe for perfect hair!" It was as if the angels from heaven were singing down upon me, giving me promises of model-worthy hair, and men by the dozens lusting after me for it.

Ok.. not really. That was a slight exaggeration. My eyes continued skimming down the page, where I found three "recipes."
     1: Seal Split Ends
     2: Create Beachy Waves
     3: Get Awesome Shine
When I was contemplating which one I wanted to try, I ticked them off in the order that I least needed them. 

Number one was out of the question because, not to toot my own horn, I've always had really healthy hair. Split ends have never exactly been a problem for myself. So I decided that one wouldn't be needed. Number two seemed lovely. Why not look like I have sexy beachy waves? Oh, I know why. Because my hair is at that awkward length that when anything curly/scrunched/wavy it attempted, it just looks weird. So. Also out of the question. That left me with choice number three. Awesome shine. Seemed simple enough. My ingredients were banana {bet you're singing the song right now}, olive oil, an egg, yogurt, and some honey. I mashed the bananas as instructed, and mixed the rest in, then went into the bathroom to do work on my hair. 

It was ... interesting, to say the least. Not to be completely disgusting, but I felt like I had throw up in my hair. ha! If you decide to try this, I highly suggest running the banana through a sieve before you lather it in your hair.  {Do you feel like you're reading an essay right now..? Because I feel like I'm typing one.} After dousing my hair in my banana mixture I wrapped my head in plastic wrap, and immediately ran to my room to hide for the next 30 minutes. I didn't exactly want anybody seeing my cone-shaped alien head. It was quite the look. I considered taking pictures, but then decided against it. 

When my thirty minutes were up I dashed back to the bathroom hoping to avoid contact with any member of my family. I hopped in the shower, where I proceeded to wash the chunks of banana out.. once again. Put it through a sieve. Not only did it do a marvelous job of sticking in my hair, but it was awesome at plugging my shower drain. And when I looked around, there was banana residue everywhere. Wall. Curtain. You name it. Apparently I whip my hair back and forth when I shower {...aren't you just loving the song references in this post?}. After rinsing, I finished up with my honey rinse, and dried and straightened!

I can't exactly say that I feel like my hair is shining bright like the northern star.. and my ends feel kind of grossie. For some reason my brain assumed that shine was the same thing as soft. Wrong. It's kind of like saying "healthy glow." Sure, I'll go to the tanning beds and get a healthy glow! Wrongo, bucko. You're just killing your skin with billions of watts of UV rays.. not smart. But, to get back on track, I guess it was cool. My hair smells like banana waffles mixed with honey on toast. I smell like breakfast. mmm. I suppose it does feel kind of soft ish. I don't know. If you ever decide to do this, let me know how it worked out for you.

Also, if you've read this entire thing.. kudos. Give me your address and I'll send you a baked good of some sort. 

Here's the lil' recipe/directions:
-Crush 1 banana in a bowl; add 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 egg, and 2 tablespoons plain yogurt. Mix the ingredients into a paste.
-Apply paste from roots to ends. Cover hair with plastic rap, let  the mask set for 30 minutes. Rinse and Shampoo. {...when they say rinse and shampoo... plan on it being like. 6 billion cycles of that.}
-Squeeze all excess moisture from your hair, then combine 2 teaspoon honey with 1 cup cool water, stirring until the honey dissolves. Pour the mixture over your hair, but don't rinse it out - just towel-dry and style as usual.

Ps, I think I want these shoes:
K bye.

Monday, February 21, 2011

kissy faces.

I was recently going through my picture collection on my computer, and discovered that Maddison and myself are extremely great at making kissy faces. I know that they're the most obnoxious picture faces to make, but for some reason we seem to whip them out at the most appropriate times. I know that I do it just as much, I just don't have as many pictures of myself, being that I'm normally the one taking the pictures. Anyway. See for yourself.

We're great.
We know.

Monday, February 14, 2011


In past years I have been found curled up in my bed, sulking away at the misfortune of having to be surrounded by the billions of LD couples skipping around and feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries. {LD=loveydovey}. I would sob and sulk, and wonder who invented this stupid holiday, and send curses to calendar makers all across the country for putting that microscopic valentines day at the bottom of the 14th, and reminding us all of what we really don't want to remember. OK. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration.. I never actually cried, or wished misfortunes upon calendar designers. But I did become quite peeved because I hated it so much. I find it quite funny how upset it makes some people.. mainly single females who feel that every misfortune to have ever graced them was caused by some egotistical male who didn't deserve to be walking around. 

This year, I decided to take a new approach. I figured that if I'm going to be single I might as well enjoy it, because I'm not going to hate something that I'm stuck with. Since it seems that the batteries in my relationship meter died while it was on single mode, there's no point in sobbing about it. Although, if I weren't single, I don't exactly know what I'd be doing on this fine evening instead of sitting in my room blogging, stalking the few people on FB who I have a feeling will be engaged by the end of the night, and attempting to study for the sociology test I'm never going to pass. Maybe I'd get dressed up. Go out to dinner. I do know for a fact though that I'd sing this song to my special someone:

 I don't tell anyone about the way you hold my hand,
I don't tell anyone about the things that we have planned.
I won't tell anybody, won't tell anybody.
They wanna push me down, they wanna see you fall down.

I won't tell anybody that you turn my world around,
I won't tell anyone that your voice is my favorite sound.
I won't tell anybody, won't tell anybody.
They wanna see us fall, they wanna see us fall down.

That's just a slight example of what I would do. I don't know. It's not like I sit an daydream about my perfect Valentine's date. I've never had the need to. Maybe I'll look in the mirror and sing that to myself tonight. Then hold my own hand as I drift off to sleep. Solid plan.

Anyway.. moving on.

Everyone always says that Valentine's day is for your "significant other." Fear not. In my sociology class last week we learned that significant others "are the role players with whom we have close personal relationships." Sure, most people interpret that as their better half, but seeing as I don't have one, I decided to give some lovin' to my family and friends. So I made some little cardies, and whipped up some cookies and delivered them. Quite fun it was. 

Always make sure you've got some good tunes to accompany you in the process.
The baby hearts were my favorite. Shout out to Maddi for letting me use her cookie cutter.
Alright. Try to not judge too harshly, for I used store-bought icing.

So, I hope you all had a grand time with your significant other. Whether it be a boyf, girlf...? {is that awkward?}, hubby, wife, family, or just a good friend. I hope it was spectacular. And if you spent your night like I did, I hope you had an enjoyable time FB stalking those lovely couples who you secretly wish, but refuse to admit, you could be like, and hopefully your test studying went well.

Until next year, Happy veeday. (:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sometimes I go to Provo.

Last Monday I decided I was going to go to Provo. I had Schnid book me a flight, and I called up my good friend Rachy and told her I was coming to stay with her. What a splendid decision it was.

I left STG on Friday at 1:15, and arrived in SLC at 2:15. Rach came and picked me up at the airport, and we ventured on back down to Provo. We may or may not have gotten lost in the ghetto of Salt Lake. We were looking for a gas station, and were becoming very, very lost in the process. It was only when we were sitting at a stop light frantically trying to peer down the road to see if we could spot a gas station that we realized we were stopped right next to one. Ha! It gave us a great laugh. 

So after that we took her brother's car back to him and then went back to her dorm room. Then her sister and her brother's fiance and two of their friends came and got us, and we went wedding dress shopping! Well. They went wedding dress shopping. I sat and gawked, and oohd and aahd. It was splendid. 

After that we went to dinner, where I saw Alex Halladay. The look on her face was that of pure shock. ha! It was fun seeing her. .... and I think my brain might be wrong, because it seems so long ago, but after that we went back to her room.. I think. I don't really remember what we did in between there. But! That night we found Fame on netflix, and snuggled up in her bed.. and promptly fell asleep. ha! We lasted I think 30 minutes into it, then we both crashed. When Rach turned off the movie, I got up and went over to my bed. I was laying there when all of a sudden she sits up.
"Are you ok?"
yep. then she laid back down and went to sleep. Pretty sure she was sleep talking. ha!

So Saturday morning we had planned to wake up at 9:30. My body is permanently stuck in school mode, so I automatically woke up at 7:00. I didn't want to wake up Rach, so I just laid in bed until her alarm went off. Turns out, she had woken up at 7:00 too, and was thinking the same thing. ha! So great. I got ready, and she went and played some basketball with some of her friends. {ps.. I majorly failed at taking pictures this weekend. ha!} After her basketball game, she came back and got ready, and then went to a banquet with her family where her grandpa was being honored for being a BYU alumni, or something of the sort. I went up to Michelle's room, and hung out with her for a bit. Then Michelle left with her friends to stand in line at the basketball game. So I hung out with Jess for a little bit. Then Rachel returned and retrieved me, and we continued on our way to the basketball game! 

yay! First picture that I took! ha! I was secretly rooting for the U. ..I would have out loud, but I didn't want to be murdered.

{Slightly awkward picture approaching..}

After the game Rach and her friends dressed up to go to Disco night at some skating rink in Orem. I wasn't feeling very well, so I stayed home and studied. Then Michelle got home from her service project, so we hung out and ate fruit loops and sour patch strawberries. 

Rach and I found these nice little writings. Underneath the makeout spot one, the bush looks like it's been sat in. I took a pic, but you can't really tell.
After all that good stuff, Rachel came back, and we snuggled up again and tried to finish our movie. Once again, got about 30 minute into it, fell asleep. ha! We tried.

Today we woke up. Went to church. Ate lunch. Went back to her room and finally ..almost.. finished Fame. I think we were both pretty proud of ourselves. ha! We got so close. There were only 20 minutes left. Michelle came down, and we chatted for a bit. Then Rachel's parents came, and I drove home with them! It was a splendid weekend. I enjoyed it. It was definitely what I needed. 

Thanks again, Rach. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's something that's ripping me apart, and I'm not so sure what it is. I feel like I'm being torn at my emotional seams, and that everything is slowly, but surely, falling apart. There's not one specific thing that I can even pin it to. All I know is that I'm so lost emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I have no direction, and it's killing me. It's been building and building, and now as I sit here in my room and type this, it's all breaking down. The wall I've built to protect myself from the hurt isn't doing its job like it once did. I've been told a lot lately that I allow things to affect me much more than they should. I know that I do, but it's something that I can't control. I honestly just wish that I could figure out what's wrong with me, because I know for a fact that this isn't normal. It isn't healthy in the slightest. I know that I'm rambling. But there's no way to describe what I'm feeling. It's a sinking, heart-wrenching feeling. And I need to put a stop to it. I just don't know how.